We specialize in finding your brands voice

through the power of design & marketing.


A bit about us...

Moyer Design Co. is a branding & marketing studio based out of Philadelphia, PA. We create tailored experiences through culture, branding, and design. We absolutely thrive in the food & beverage industry, but don't limit ourselves to just that. Our passion for branding comes from the voice in every companies culture. Let's continue to express who you are and the cause of what you do! 

Charles Moyer

Growing up in the restaurants led for a big appetite to stay emerged in the food & beverage industry. CJ takes pride in all things hand-crafted and loves complimenting the client's visions through the power of design.

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Grace Moyer

Grace is a Penn State University graduate with a major in Communications & Business. Grace has a drive and passion to engage with clients and to fulfill their daily needs.

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