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Consortium’s founders share a goal of sourcing quality, family-driven wines from around the world which they believe should be experienced and enjoyed across the United States. Consortium is a newly-founded importer and distributor based in Miami, Florida. Their experts travel to different countries and regions hand-selecting some of the finest wines to import as part of their program. They believe the wine and spirits selected tell the story of the different parts of the globe. 


Working with Consortium, our team supported them through the creation of their brand, a robust database of more than 400 wines and a website that will allow users to be connected with these carefully curated offerings. Consortium’s hope is to one day be associated with the greatest importers and distributors, so that when they see Consortium Wine and Spirits on a label, they will immediately associate it with quality, PMG is here to support them along the way.

- Brand Identity 

- Digital / Print Collateral

- Website Design 

- Sell Sheets / Tech Sheets

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