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Effective Ways to Grow your Brand on Twitter

Now, I am sure you are all aware of the social media platform, Twitter. It used to be a much bigger platform years ago than it is now. However, it is still a great platform to use, especially if you are in the marketing world. In this blog post, I am going to give you some effective ways you can grow your brand on Twitter.

I have been using Twitter since I was in middle school and have always loved it. Not only do I use it for entertainment, but it’s also where I get a lot of my news. I started a Twitter account for Moyer Design Co. over the summer and it has grown so much since I started it. It has been a ton of fun so far getting to know different marketers and being involved in the marketing Twitter community.

One of the first things you need to do when starting a Twitter account is to make goals for yourself. Why do you want to start this account? How will you benefit from it? My goals when starting my account were to simply be as vulnerable and open and honest as I could be. One of the first things I did when joining was writing, “Hey #MarketingTwitter I’m new to the marketing Twitter community. Who should I be following to learn more?” I think people appreciated how vulnerable I was by flat out saying “hey, I’m new here, help me out”.

Another effective way to grow your brand on Twitter is to join any and all Twitter chats. There are a lot of great ones out there. Not only is it a great way to grow connections, but it’s also a great way to learn new things and share your thoughts, as well. Twitter chats always give me something to look forward to during the week. I love being able to connect with different people all the time and I love being able to share my thoughts.

Just like any other platform, it is important to have a tweeting schedule. Have certain things scheduled, so you know what will be going out on Twitter and when. Scrolling through Twitter and responding to people is a great way to gain connections, as well. Sometimes people will tweet very random things and I feel like it shows that they are human and not just trying to promote their brand all of the time. You get to learn people’s personalities, not just their brands.

Overall, Twitter is a great way to grow your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or a business you are trying to grow. Connecting with people and being vulnerable, I feel are the most important things to do once you create your Twitter account. It’s a lot of fun joining a community and getting to know the people within it.

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