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How to Maintain Your Health During Remote Working

It’s no secret that this past year has been one we will never forget. So many things have changed and for many of us, we went from working in an office every day, to having meetings on a computer inside our homes. Remote working is nice at times, but the human interaction is certainly missed. In this blog post I am going to give you some tips on how to maintain your health, both physically and mentally, during remote working so we can all avoid the “quarantine 15”.

Sometimes we get so caught up in working all of the time that we completely forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. One of the most important things is to take some time for yourself every single day. A simple 20-30minutes a day of doing whatever you need to reset your mind is perfect. For me personally, I like to take that time to get a workout in. It is the perfect opportunity for me to “relax”. During this time you could workout, go for a walk, take a nap, read a book, etc. the options are endless!

I don’t know about you, but I often catch myself sitting hunched over, especially while working at my desk. So many times I have corrected my posture, but it is tough to keep it. Having good posture is really important, especially if you’re sitting at your desk for hours on end. If you need to, get up and stretch every so often to give your body the stretching it needs.

I understand Zoom calls can be draining, but having that virtual human interaction is important for us as humans! The calls you have with people don’t even need to be people you work with and if they are, they don’t need to be work related topics. You could talk about anything you could possibly want. To conclude, remote working is nice but can also be really tough on people. It is important that we take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally during these weird and uncertain times.

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