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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Social media brings engagement to your community through the information you feed them. The reason why it is so important to keep up to date with you social posts, is to stay relevant with your customers needs and desires. In this blog post we dive deep into the five reasons why social media is so important for your business.

Reason 1: Creates and Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is huge in every industry, people need to know who you are and what you do at all times. The why factor is just as important, and through social posting you can let your customers know exactly why they should spend their money with you.

This also allows you to reach new platforms. By creating and increasing brand awareness you're giving yourself the opportunity to reach new heights. What am I talking about... for example: If you're a small boutique and you begin to create brand awareness on social media you are now engaging with a community that is larger than your small store front. At this point in time, your product or service becomes more desirable.

Reason 2: Audience Engagement

Through the power of social media you are able to have one on one communication with your customers! WOW! But let's take it a step further, people love to feel apart of a group or a community, this is how we build brand loyalty, which I'll get into in step four. As you build a community around your brand you're able to share the heart of the business with your customers, making your product or service a lifestyle.

When running a business we should all be open to critical feedback, good or bad. This is how you mold to create and successful business. With audience engagement you're allowing your customers to give direct feedback and insight on the product or service you're selling. *Don't always take this to heart ;)

Reason 3: Humanize Your Brand

You're not just a business. There's PEOPLE who run this business. Who are these people? Let your community know who the brains are behind the company. A little secret, faces sell!

How are you embracing brand values? What's your voice and how do you stand behind what you believe in? This can often bite you in the ass, but for the most part you can use it to your advantage. For Example: Being in Philadelphia, there are groups that often host a city clean-up on Sunday mornings. At Moyer Design Co. we love helping our community and cleaning up on a Sunday morning is something we will surely be apart of.

Reason 4: Increase Brand Loyalty

We all want returning customers. By engaging with the community that you've created around your brand you are building brand loyalty. Continue to post, continue to be innovative, and continue to communicate with your customers. These are some ways to build brand loyalty.

Reason 5: Tell Your Story

What makes you, you! Don't ever hesitate to let people in on the impact that you're creating for the community around you. People love people, so knowing the back story of your company can be relatable for a lot of your customers.

Effective stories make for great impact. This is true on all accounts. When telling your story be sure that is has a purpose or a lesson. This creates impact on your community and reflects on customer emotions, in which you are humanizing your brand.


I am new to creating blog posts so bare with me! Getting back into the writing game is challenge, but a challenge Im willing to face head on. My goal is to create a blog post every Sunday evening, you know... staying relevant for my audience. I am always open to any feedback my clients, friends, or family might have on my copy writing. As I know Im not the best, Im here to get better, and to find a voice in my writing.

Hope you all enjoy!

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