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Keeping Up with Social Media Trends

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Have you ever struggled with keeping up with social media and the ever-changing trends? Me too! It’s hard to keep up with it because it is seriously changing all of the time, but it is also necessary. So you might be wondering, “well how do I keep up with these trends? I don’t want to fall behind, but I have so much to keep up with already!”. Well, luckily for you, it’s kind of easy.

One of the ways to keep up with the trends is to simply subscribe or follow social media savvy people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I personally have had a lot of fun keeping up through Twitter. Every Friday I join a Twitter chat where myself and many other social media gurus recap the past weeks’ social media happenings! It makes it a ton of fun, is a great way to connect with people and keeps me up to date on what has happened in the world.

You can easily spend just 10 minutes a day to keep up by reading blog posts or reading through social media app news. Many of these trends don’t tend to last very long, which makes it even harder to keep up. However, it is important to embrace these changes with open arms every time. You can’t get stuck in one trend because soon it will pass and you will fall behind.

We’ve all been there, it’s really hard to keep up especially when dealing with everything else we have going on in our lives, but as I said before, it’s necessary. Make it a goal for yourself to spend 10 minutes every day reading up on the newest trends and what bloggers have to say.

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